Tour 4 - Kassandra - MTB & Trekking Bike

An easy tour through the wider environs of KIROPIGI, alternating between tarmac roads and tracks. The ascent from KIROPIGI high up into the hills is short and invigorating, but the route then leads gently through olive groves and cornfields on to KASSANDRIA. Fine views again to the north, over the flat part of the Kassandra Peninsula known for cereal cultivation. The large grain silo on the slope opposite KASSANDRIA is easy to pick out. The picturesque plateia (square) in the middle of the village invites you to while away the time, or pay a visit to the farmers' market that takes place there every Tuesday morning. Care is needed in the old, labyrinthine alleys in KASSANDRIA, otherwise you will rapidly lose track of the described route.

The road leads through a scenic valley lined with ancient walnut trees, to the mountain village of KASSANDRINO beyond. The trees are typical of the area surrounding the village. The walnuts are harvested in October and then dried, mostly to be served with yoghurt and honey as a dessert. The village itself boasts beautiful restored houses and a few pleasant small tavernas

Tips: Take sufficient water with you. Always wear a helmet and cycling glasses when riding. Farmer's market on Tuesday morning in KASSANDRIA. Nice cafes and small shops in KASSANDRIA. During and after rainfall, soft clay makes tracks impassable. Wait a few days until the clay is dry.

Start point: The traffic lights in KRIOPIGI, a small village on the east coast of the Kassandra Peninsula.

Getting there: KRIOPIGI is the first village on the coast road heading from KALLITHEA towards HANIOTI.

0.0 km The start point is the set of traffic lights at the village entrance on the Kallithea side. From there take a HALF RIGHT onto a narrow tarmac road heading gently uphill towards the centre of the old village. Turn RIGHT at the next fork, going round an S-bend and then onto a cement road leading steadily uphill. At the end of the incline head STRAIGHT ON over the crest of the hill. The cement road then becomes a gravel track leading on uphill to the next fork.

0.6 km At this fork turn RIGHT and follow the sign to Kassandria UPHILL. Ignore the next two dirt roads coming from the left and head on towards a chapel. The road forks just before the chapel – take a HALF LEFT and continue DOWNHILL. This hilly track leads through the olive groves to Kassandria.

6.0 km At the entrance to Kassandria you will be back on asphalt once more. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to the centre of the village, and STRAIGHT ON through the pedestrian precinct to a crossroads. There is a chemist's on the corner to the right and a kiosk straight ahead.

6.9 km Care: At the kiosk there are three roads ahead of you. The narrow road to the left leads gently uphill; the one in the middle goes past a kafeneion (coffee house) out of the village; the road to the right leads to the police station. Take the MIDDLE ROAD to the next fork. When you reach it, turn HALF LEFT and then ride uphill out of the village. The next fork is at

8.0 km Turn RIGHT and follow the asphalt road leading GENTLY DOWNHILL. This is the narrow, solidly constructed B-road to Fourka. After a lengthy climb the road goes pleasantly downhill past a chapel to the Kassandrino - Fourka B-road.

11.7 km At this B-road turn SHARP LEFT and head on towards Kassandrino. As you ride along the valley, the first houses in the mountain village of Kassandrino will soon come into view. The village itself is reached after crossing a bridge with a yellow parapet, where you will turn later on. In the middle of the village you will find the church opposite a kafeneion. TURN ROUND and ride back out along the same road to the bridge with a yellow parapet.

15.3 km Just after the bridge turn RIGHT and follow a wide sandy track to where it forks next to a pumping station and an electricity pylon with a transformer.

16.0 km Take a HALF LEFT and follow the road along a flat section and then a long climb up into the hills. Do not turn off anywhere – stay on the main track (part sand, part gravel) to the crest of the hill, where the wonderful view of the Toroneos Gulf will tempt you to take a short break.
Watch out for deep ruts as you go down the rough gravel track heading seawards to the first houses in Kriopigi.

19.2 km At the next intersection turn LEFT and continue STRAIGHT ON at the next fork, going uphill round an S-bend and back down towards the village. At the entrance you will come back out onto the cement road leading downhill into the village.

20.3 kmYou find yourself back at the start point, at the traffic lights in Kriopigi. At a number of crucial points en route, the right direction is clearly indicated by specially posted bicycle signs.

At a number of crucial points en route, the right direction is clearly indicated by specially posted bicycle signs.