Tour 6 - Kassandra - MTB & Trekking Bike

From the starting point in NEA MOUDANIA, ride along a flat stretch leading out of the town parallel to the sea. Continue through expansive apricot and olive groves to the village of PORTARIA, the hub of this rural area. The village is surrounded by olive presses and canneries. Olive harvesting and processing begin in mid-October, offering a unique experience to those who chose to spend their holidays in Halkidiki at that time of year. The next stage runs over a low group of hills to the excavations at OLINTHOS. Open May to October from 9:00 – 15:00 (subject to variation).

Continue through vast olive groves to AGIOS MAMAS. This is noted for the numerous nurseries growing various types of olive trees. Impressive pistachio groves are dotted here and there.
Back by the sea, on the road running parallel to the gulf, there are plenty of places to stop for a swim. The cafes and tavernas scattered along the route even have fresh water showers.
The rough gravel and sand track at this point leads directly to the small harbour at NEA POTIDEA. Turn around and ride inland. At the parish church in AGIOS MAMAS, cross over a small series of hills to reach NEA MOUDANIA a short distance beyond.

Tips: Take sufficient water with you. Always wear a helmet and cycling glasses when riding. Take your swimming things with you. Good shopping is to be had at the farmers' market in NEA MOUDANIA on Wednesday mornings. In early September there is a large fair at AGIOS MAMAS parish church outside the village. Apricot harvest is in June; olive harvest begins in mid-October. During and after rainfall, soft clay makes tracks impassable. Wait a few days until the clay is dry.

Start point: NEA MOUDANIA. In the town centre there is a small green space with a taxi rank in front, opposite a wide street leading into the square. The National Bank is on one corner and a kiosk on the other. The kiosk is the start point. There is a car park nearby, right by the sea.

0.0 km Set off from the kiosk towards the sea, turn RIGHT at the first street and ride between the cafes on the seafront, heading towards the harbour. Go round the right angle bend a few hundred metres further on, then LEFT at the first intersection and ride out of the town parallel to the sea.

0.8 km The harbour entrance is on the right at the next sizeable crossroads. Ride STRAIGHT AHEAD along the promenade leading out of the town, directly past the Ociania Hotel. Approximately one kilometre after the Ociania Hotel there is a beach bar in the middle of a large area of greenery. Turn RIGHT in front of the bar and go round an S-bend to the coast road.

3.0 km Follow the coast road LEFT over a bridge and then immediately RIGHT. Follow the dirt road running alongside an irrigation ditch.

4.7 km Intersection right next to the motorway. Turn RIGHT and then immediately left under the motorway and continue STRAIGHT ON up a small incline. Then follow the dirt road to the right of the irrigation ditch.

5.3 km Cross over the B-road linking Nea Moudania to Nea Triglia and continue STRAIGHT ON past a fish factory and on through the orchards.

6.5 km Turn left on the B-road and ride on a few hundred metres until you see a cement ford leading through a wide irrigation ditch. Turn LEFT, cross the ford and continue along the dirt road parallel to the B-road.

8.5 km At the entrance to Portaria turn RIGHT and cross the bridge, then immediately LEFT and follow the main street through the village. Go past the plateia (village square) and follow the sign for “ΟΛΥΝΘΟΣ - ΠΑΝΤΕΛΕΗΜΟΝΑΣ” to the RIGHT at the third street after the square. Follow this street past some large fruit warehouses to an intersecting street coming from the right and leading further left. Here at

9.5 km turn LEFT. The tarmac later gives way to an uphill stretch on a gravel track. Follow the main track into the hills until you reach Olynthos some while later. TAKE CARE: the gravel is extremely coarse in places.

13.3 km The track now becomes a cement road leading to the centre of the village. Cross over the main street and continue STRAIGHT ON along a wide asphalt road. Bear LEFT at the next fork.

13.8 km Continue STRAIGHT ON at the next crossroads and follow the B-road out of the village. At

14.5 km you will come to the excavations at Olynthos. From May to October these are open 09:00 – 15:00. Turn around and follow the B-road back into the village until you reach the main street. Turn LEFT here, heading past the church and out of the village.

16.8 km You now come to the coast road, which you should cross over and head STRAIGHT ON. The road then becomes a track. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD at the next fork and ride through the olive groves to the village of Agios Mamas.

18.6 km At the village entrance you are back on a tarmac road leading STRAIGHT AHEAD into the village. At the traffic island about 100 metres further on, turn LEFT and follow the road to the next intersection. Then turn LEFT and follow the B-road towards the sea until you get to the beach.

21.0 km Turn RIGHT onto the tarmac beach road and ride along parallel to the sea. The detached wooden building to your left on the beach is a cafe. This is a great place for a swim, as there are fresh water showers right next to the building. Stay on the beach road until you reach a military depot a short way on. Follow the right angle bend to a traffic island, turn LEFT in front of it and go past the depot entrance onto a gravel track heading back to the coast.

23.3 km At the next crossroads turn LEFT and then immediately RIGHT at the first junction, and follow the gravel track next to the sea.

28.7 km You are now at the small fishing harbour of Nea Potidea. Turn round under the bridge and ride a short way back along the road you came on. At the next fork, instead of heading right towards the beach, go STRAIGHT ON below the holiday homes. This track leads to a church situated on a rise, visible from a distance on account of its large domes. Directly in front of the church leave the track and turn LEFT. After a short climb you will reach the B-road.

34.3 km Turn LEFT onto the B-road and ride up to the next track joining from the right. At the intersection there is a street lamp and a solitary house on a large plot of land. Leave the Broad and turn RIGHT onto the track. At the next intersection by a small pump house turn LEFT and ride on to a larger pumping station with a tool shed.

36.7 km Turn SHARP RIGHT opposite the pumping station and ride on downhill, then uphill towards Nea Moudania. A short while later you will reach the B-road, which you should cross over and take the track leading on towards the town.

39.0 km Nea Moudania. Turn LEFT onto the main street and follow this STRAIGHT AHEAD. Further on downhill you will come to the beach road with the cafes, the car park and the kiosk at the tour start point.

At a number of crucial points en route, the right direction is clearly indicated by specially posted bicycle signs