Who We Are And What We Do

On beach of Paradisos in Neos Marmaras just 110km from Thessaloniki we prepared for you a Traditional hotel which combines the clean blue sea of Toronaios gulf and the forest landscape offered by the Mount Itamos with crystal waters and the wild beauty .

Regos Resort Hotel

"Regos Resort Hotel" is a family hotel on the sea, which aims to offer services to people for relaxation and fun in the warm and welcoming family environment for unforgettable holidays.

Our Core Values

  • Regos Resort Hotel - Facilities

    In our traditional family Resort Hotel, you will find 300 m2 garden with lawn expect your children to play safely and you can enjoy the sun. The Snack bar – Coffee Bar is all day at your disposal. At 600m2 parking area you can park your car. In the award-winning Blue Flag beach, you will find free umbrellas and sunbeds, lifeguard and first aid.

    Also, you can take day trips to archaeological sites or day cruises to Mount Athos, enjoy walks in the woods of Tragoudeli or do mountain bike. We have proposals for you to organize each day special.

    Only 5 minutes from the hotel you will find the famous and cosmopolitan resort of Neos Marmaras, where you can enjoy a well-known Clubs or Bar or go shopping. 150 meters from the hotel you can find many Traditional Greek restaurants and bars.



    Resort hotel’s environmental policy includes many different measures of environmental protection. Some of the measures used by the hotel to increase ecological awareness are the recycling of batteries, plastic bottles , make composting and use eco-friendly products in cleaning of apartments and laundry services, auto electricity shut down with the help of key cards as well as auto a/c stops when a window is open.We have change our old technology fridges with new A+ Fridge with low electical consumption.


    Regos Resort Hotel participates to european ecologic programm RELACS for Renewable Energy for Tourist Accommodation Buildings from 2012.

    Also from 2012 participates in the european programm ShMILE 2 which prepares you to be awarded with EU EcoLabel sign. Now we are in the final steps to be awarded.


    Embraced by the serenity of splendid natural surroundings, the Eco-Friendly Regos Resort Hotel in the enchanting Neos Marmaras of Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece, is committed to the implementation of proactive measures in order to sustain and improve ecological stability.

    Regos Resort Hotel recognizes the need for responsible environmental management and supports an environmental policy that protects and harmonizes the relationship between the people and the natural environment.

    Some of the environmental guiding principles included in the hotel’s environmental practice that have been put into action are the constant recycling of all kinds of materials, set auto controllers on water boilers and use solar power to heat the water, electronic hotel brochures and double glass windows.

    With respect to the environment the hotel implements a series of eco-friendly initiatives that deserve increased public awareness.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    "Regos Resort Hotel" is purely Greek family business. It was founded on 16.04.2013. From the beginning we apply comprehensive CSR strategy. With sensitivity to ecological and social issues, we function as active citizens of a society in which we operate, participate and act in the common good. For four years the Regos Resort Hotel remains faithful to the values of quality, reliability, consistency, caring, good service, affordable and located close to its customers for a better stay.


    Initiatives and Actions with social and ecological consciousness


    1. Support the local economy and unemployment.

    2 .Support and promotion of cultural events and cultural associations.

    3. Support for sporting activities and Local Associations.

    4. Support and cooperation with Municipality of Sithonia.


    1. Redesign our hotel with eco friendly material and equipment.

    2. Advertise in European and international community our environmental hotel policy.

    3. a. Participate in cleaning the coast.

       b. Participate in the European LIFEAMMOS program (waste-smoking)

    4. Management of the Blue Flag Program for our beach Paradisos in cooperation with the municipality.

    5. Participation in the reforestation of D.Koinotitas.

    6. Participation in the Municipality of recycling and composting programs.

    7. Compliance with environmental regulations and legislations.

    8. Promote environmental awareness of the local community and our customers.

    9. Create a group of volunteers (staff and friends) for environmental actions.


    Human resources are a benchmark of our hotel, under the constant strategy of our policy.

    1. Perfect management of human resources.

    2. Excellent working environment with respect, understanding, honest communication and fair treatment.

    3. Continuous training and opportunities for workers.

    4. Care for safe and healthy working environment, appropriate ergonomic and spatial conditions.

    5. Feeling of family sentiment and confidence in the workplace.

    6. Compliance with Hotel Rules.

    7. Allow domestic procedures and control, information workers.

    D.Guests & Tourism Market

    1. The mode of operation of the enterprise reflects the degree of effectiveness.

    2. Social responsibility as a key selection criterion for suppliers of quality products and services from the local market, with respect to health and the environment.

    3. Continuous improvement of benefits services to our customers, with upgrades of the buildings, the surroundings, the development of new technologies.

    4. Friendly environment, courteous behavior with direct disposal service for better accommodation of the customer.


    1. Compliance with regulations governing customer relations hoteliers.

    2. Compliance with Greek and European laws and transparency of transactions.

    3. Security of personal data.

    Hotel's Awards

    1. Participation in the European RELACS program for green energy in tourism successfully.

    2. A member of the European Network Energy Sustainable Tourist Hotel.

    3. EU Ecolabel for tourist accommodation services ECOLABEL of program ShMILE 2.

    4. Participation in the International Programme on the Blue Flag beach where we awarded every year.

  • Regos Resort Hotel - Memberships

    Our hotel is Member of Halkidiki Hotel Association, member of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, we participate on ecological programs RELACS and ShMILE 2 and recently add it Bike Friendly Hotel award.

What Our Guests Say

Kahya Family  - Turkey
The owners were very very helpful and friendly. Location is perfect. They have private beach right front of the hotel.
Kahya Family
Turkey - Booking.com
In one of the most amazing beaches in Chalkidiki. Located on the seafront. During the whole stay I had excellent service. Lovely rooms. Comfortable and clean. Perfect WiFI connection.Owners lovely people. A lovely friendly atmosphere ideal for relaxation.
Greece - Booking.com
Dejan S - Serbia
Yeah, exactly. That is really nice hotel, with great service and all of them are very kind and hospitality. I think that all of employees are from the same family, so that's one more reason for more kindness. Housekeeping service is also great....unfortunately, me and my girlfriend are still students, so we wasn't thankful for expecting tips, but I at least, that's their job. Neos Marmaras is also a very nice place. And I can recommend to anyone to go there, of course, if they are staying in Hotel Regos. I forgot to say, it is so cheep :)
Dejan S
Serbia - Trip Advisor
I like the owners of the place. They were very kind. The hotel is beautifule. Next to the sea. Apartments has very big terraces and you can look at the sea all day. Everything was very clean and also working properly.
Bulgaria - Booking.com

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