Route 11 - Porto Koufo - Kapros - Porto Koufo

History Note

Porto Koufo featured in recent history. The finenatural harbour with its very deep waters made it an excellent base for the German U-boats based in the Eastern Mediterranean. Remains of a concrete water reservoir and antiaircraft gun platforms can still be seen on the summit of Kapros.

Walking Info - Part 1

This easy walk starts at the beautiful natural harbour of Porto Koufo on the west coast of Sithonia. The route uses farm and goat tracks to reach Kapros the remote southern peak of the peninsula.

Walking Info - Part 2

The path passes through an area rich in flora and fauna and fine views can be obtained from Kapros of the precipitious cliffs along the coast. On a fine day the Sporades Islands can be seen to the southwest.

The start for this walk is about 100m north of the Portes Palace Hotel in Potidea. A road leads down to the beach in about 400m. On reaching the beach road turn right for about 100m and then left across the dunes to meet a sandy track. turn left onto this track and follow it northwards until you see the lake on your left. The size of the lake varies according to the season. Look for a track to the left which takes you nearer to the lake and follow this track northwards with reeds and the lake on your left.

A great variety of water birds can be seen, depending on the time of year. For example, waders are often present in great numbers such as black winged Stilts and Avocets. Caspian gulls, coots and Teal ducks are also plentiful.
IOccasionally present are Squacco Herons, Mallards, Widgeons and Shoveler ducks. On rare occasions one can see Greylag Geese, Great White Egrets, Whooper Swans, Mute Swans and Shelducks.

Continue parallel to the lake keeping to the path closest to the water which is dry underfoot. This may vary with the season. every now and again a sandy track will lead off to your right away from the lakes. Any of these will take you across to the beach and the waters of the Toroneos Gulf. You can return along the track parallel to the beach or by retracing your steps if you want to see the wildlife on the lake.