Enviromental policy

We are eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Resort Hotel in Chalkidiki

Resort hotel’s environmental policy includes many different measures of environmental protection. Some of the measures used by the hotel to increase ecological awareness are the recycling of batteries, plastic bottles , make composting and use eco-friendly products in cleaning of apartments and laundry services, auto electricity shut down with the help of key cards as well as auto a/c stops when a window is open.We have change our old technology fridges with new A+ Fridge with low electical consumption.

Resort Hotel's Participation in Ecological Programms

Regos Resort Hotel participates to european ecologic programm RELACS for Renewable Energy for Tourist Accommodation Buildings from 2012.
Also from 2012 participates in the european programm ShMILE 2 which prepares you to be awarded with EU EcoLabel sign. Now we are in the final steps to be awarded.

Regos Eco Friendly Resort Hotel Developing Ecological Consciousness

Embraced by the serenity of splendid natural surroundings, the Eco-Friendly Regos Resort Hotel in the enchanting Neos Marmaras of Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece, is committed to the implementation of proactive measures in order to sustain and improve ecological stability.
Regos Resort Hotel recognizes the need for responsible environmental management and supports an environmental policy that protects and harmonizes the relationship between the people and the natural environment.

Some of the environmental guiding principles included in the hotel’s environmental practice that have been put into action are the constant recycling of all kinds of materials, set auto controllers on water boilers and use solar power to heat the water, electronic hotel brochures and double glass windows.
With respect to the environment the hotel implements a series of eco-friendly initiatives that deserve increased public awareness.