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Dear visitors and partners,

In these difficult times that humanity is going through and the great challenge that we are all called to face after the outbreak of COVID-19, the Greek government announced that all seasonal hotels will be open again from June 15, in order to avoid its spread COVID-19.

So far, no case of COVID-19 has been identified in our area, but we assure you that we are strengthening the hygiene standards by following all the measures.
Health and safety are always our priority. We are always proud to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have taken all the necessary additional measures and followed the official instructions issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in consultation with the Greek Ministry of Health.

We offer all our guests flexible booking options. Given these unique circumstances, we are making additional adjustments to our individual booking policies to alleviate any of your concerns.
We will continue to lift change fee or offer an 18-month credit Voucher from the date of issue for future bookings for reservations made before 31/03 canceling due to force majeure (closed borders, airport suspension, travel ban).

We have also activated our new Flexible Booking Policy which gives you the right to cancel without cancellation 30 days before your arrival.


Considering the health and safety of our guests and staff as our top priority, we assure you that the comprehensive health and safety plan provides all the measures, specifications and procedures in all hotel departments to deal with the new COVID-19 and each disease. which can be transmitted to the community, according to the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism with the protocols of the "Health First" brand and local authorities:

1. Operation at low capacity in the restaurant and the beach to ensure the right distance. Umbrellas and sunbeds will be provided with minimal consumption 5€ from the hotel’s bar where you will receive the key to use the sunbeds. 1 umbrella with 2 sunbeds per room, after use you lock and deliver the key to the bar. Sunbeds cannot be kept if the guests leave, for example, at noon, even if they return in the afternoon, because sunbeds must be disinfected, and all hotel guests needs to serve.
2. Intensive cleaning and disinfection in all contact points and rooms.
3. Disinfectant containers for visitors in common areas.
4. High food safety standards.
5. Specifications of social distance in common areas and beach.
6. Mandatory thermometer measurement with a laser thermometer upon arrival at the hotel during the check-in process and recording of the indications in the mandatory book of accommodation according to the GDPR standards.
7. Simple and fast check-in / check-out procedures contactless with check-in time at 15:00 and after and departure time at 11:00 at the latest, following the mandatory instructions from the state due to COVID-19.
8. A doctor available 24/7 to provide special care to our guests in case of suspected COVID-19 case.
9. We have designed a Suspected Case Management Plan which 100% follows the EODY Suspected Case Management Plan
10. Medical kit and laser thermometer available for our staff and guests.
11. The possible medical expenses for visiting a doctor inside and outside our hotel as well as the cost for COVID-19 tests are borne exclusively by the guests.
12. Electronic payment and only electronic invoices & receipts for all upcoming bookings.
13. Continuous training for all our staff.
14. After your check-in, the reception works remotely through the WatchApp & Viber application for your safety we minimize contacts.
15. The rooms, after being cleaned with disinfectant, are sterilized with UV-C medical grade lamps and sealed until your arrival.
16. The daily cleaning of the rooms has been suspended due to COVID-19 protocols, every 3 days there is a change in the towels and every 4th in the linen.
17. The tables in the garden are subject to the Snack-Bar and we follow all the health protocols. We do not allow non-customers of Snack-Bar to use them, move tables and chairs as they are located based on the distances provided by law.
18. The BBQ is not allowed due to COVID-19 as well as overcrowding.


We clean our hands with an alcoholic solution or wash them carefully with plenty of soap and water.
We avoid unnecessary contacts.
Avoid touching the nose, eyes and mouth.
We cover our mouths with our elbows when we sneeze or cough.
We keep at least 1.5m distance from our neighbor.

On behalf of our entire team, we would like to thank you for your support during all these difficult days.
Don't stop dreaming and traveling…. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Halkidiki!
Until then, stay safe and watch out.